No way? After fake-outs, new Spider-man homes in on title…

Into the Multiverse? The third spider-man movie with Tom Holland now has a REAL title...

After several days of its lead actors posting ‘fake’ titles for the next Spider-man movie, Marvel have come clean and revealed what the real title will be. Following the tradition of putting ‘Home’ in the title (Homecoming, Far from Home), the third Spider-man movie with Tom Holland in the starring role will be called… No Way Home.

Very little is known about the film’s story though there have been a mountain of maddening rumours. Some are suggesting that it will play into events of the next Doctor Strange movie and the idea of the multiverse (hence endless speculation and stories that Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina will all be making appearances that echo their roles when Spider-man was a totally separate franchise for SONY). However the movie is still in production…¬† but even with COVID protocols is still hoping to make it’s current 17th December 2021 release.

Today’s reveal, reminding everyone that Holland has a history of accidentally revealing information he shouldn’t, was launched with the following tweet: