It Cuts Both Ways: First glimpse of FOUR-HOUR ‘Justice League’…

A new trailer gives us our first look at Zack Snyder's upcoming cut of the Justice League...

Most people now know that 2021 will bring Zack Snyder’s own cut of the Justice League to HBO Max. Director Joss Whedon finished the movie in 2017 after Snyder had to leave the project due to a family bereavement and with it came a large amount of controversy – a significant rewriting of the story, scrapping of many scenes already shot and – more recently – claims from some of the stars of problems on set. The latter may be down to perspective and is still in the process of being investigated, but we’re now finally seeing proof-positive that the ‘Snyder Cut‘ will likely look like a completely different film and fans are hoping that ti darker version will be received more favourably.

Though the Cut is far from completed (most likely to be seen early next year on the subscription platform), the online DC Fandome event this weekend finally brought a clearer picture with the first proper trailer for the production. Many of these scenes (below)  were cut from the released version and are now given new context. It’s still hard to say whether the Snyder Cut will actually be a superior film, but we now have some idea of what has changed. Steppenwolf, who appeared to be the ‘big bad’ in the Whedon Cut, has been redesigned and we also see a shot of  Darkseid, who appears restored to the role of the film’s main villain, which Snyder had originally intended. Reports suggest we’ll also see more story and scenes involving Cyborg and The Flash.

We still don’t know the exact broadcast date, but we do now know the plan is to run the ‘film’ as four hour-long instalments with Snyder promising that they are working on other ways for international viewers, who don’t have access to the US-based platform to see the film.