‘The Batman’ trailer debuts (despite film still in production)…

Though there's still significant filming to be done, the Fandome event debuted a stylish trailer for Matt Reeves' 'The Batman'...

The other big news coming out of the DC Fandome event was the first footage from Matt Reeves’ The Batman – a story that will likely stand fully apart from the other DC/Warner films produced so far (and nothing to do with the character’s appearance in the Flash movie as detailed earlier this week).

“We’ve only shot 25% of the movie,” said Reeves during the event “…but there was no way I couldn’t show part of the movie.”

For a movie still in production – The Batman‘s filming was curtailed in March due to COVID and is only now returning to shoot before the cameras – there’s actually a surprising amount of notable material in the trailer and certainly a setting of tone – taking some elements we’ve seen in a variety of interpretations so far and giving them a twist. We see more of Robert Pattinson as a brooding Bruce Wayne here than his alter-ego but there are some significant action shots that seem impressive. Colin Farrell is playing Oswald Cobblepot and Andy Serkis is Alfred but we also glimpse Zoë Kravitz as  Selina Kyle and Jeffrey Morgan as James Gordon in the mix… alongside adversaries that have an undeniably ‘Joker’ feel to their face make-up (though that character himself isn’t likely to appear  and there’s more of a ‘Riddler’ feel to the notes left in the trailer with Paul Dano being cast in that role).

Though the film’s trailer isn’t precise about its release, the current schedule set it to bow on 1st October 2021.

Reeves also discussed the tentative plans for an HBO Max series that would be set just before The Batman film. The series would effectively be a ‘Year One‘ to the film’s ‘Year Two‘ and be told from the point of view of a corrupt cop and a ‘battle for his soul‘ in a Gotham where news of a masked vigilante is just starting to spread. The focus will be on the cop and crime in the city rather than following Bruce Wayne etc.