Hulu anthology ready to ‘Rock’ King’s hometown horror…

It's good to be (Stephen) King and even better to have all your fantastical creations collected together within the city limits of one infamous town...

As even the most casual of Stephen King fans know, a lot of his stories take place in or around the town of Castle Rock, the fictional Maine enclave which has seen murderous clowns, possessed cars, rabid dogs and no shortage of dead bodies and deadly intents. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before someone ahd the idea of knitting together some of King’s best known characters and stories into one expansive counterpane, each an interlocking piece of a wider tale.

Originally announced in early 2017, the production of Castle Rock was shot through most of last year and will be broadcast on the hulu platform. It’s central story will  spin out from the tale of Henry Deaver (Andre Holland), an attorney returning to his hometown and finding the townsfolk less than forgiving of the accident that originally caused his departure. It will run to a first season of ten episodes and has seen King collaborate with enough well-known purveyor of fantastic fiction, director J J Abrams, acting as show-runner. It will launch later this month with some familiar names, faces and situations mixed in. The cast includes the likes of Sissy Spacek, Terry O’Quinn, Scott Glenn, Allison Tollman and Melanie Lynskey and look for  landmarks within the city limits such as the Shawshank Prison to feature prominently.

Attendees at the San Diego Comic Con will get an advance look at the pilot episode (‘Severance‘) before the official hulu debut on 25th July.