Look Hugh’s Talking? Deadpool 3 to feature Wolverine…

Finally, it's confirmed. 'Snikt!' happens and will do when Deadpool 3 arrives in 2024...

The rumours have persisted for a long while but it now seems that Deadpool will indeed be back for a third installment and that he might be bringing a friend with him.  In today’s tweet, Ryan Reynolds posted a video saying that they’d thought long and hard about what would be fun to do for a third Deadpool movie and had come up with almost nothing.


Then they casually asked Hugh Jackman, who – it seems – has agreed to reprise his version of Wolverine in the film… and now there’s a release date of 6th September 2024.  In just a few hours the video has managed over 3 million hits, confirming that there’s an eager audience for the project.

Jackman had previously said that he was done with the character after the seminal R-rated ‘Logan‘ came out in 2017 and seemed to draw a line under his tenure. However, Jackman and Reynolds have always enjoyed a good friendship, several business ventures together and much infamous online ‘fremenemy’ banter and the twitter video seemed an obvious way to officially announce their plans…


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