Will silence be golden for ‘A Quiet Place’ sequel..?

2018's effective horror hit finally gets a sequel as the survivors are forced to venture out from their sanctuary...

The new year is only a few hours old and we’re getting the first new trailer for a major release.  A Quiet Place was a significant hit in 2018, the almost wordless story of a family coping in the aftermath of an invasion by creatures who hunt by sound (see our original review…). John Krasinski (also a revelation as the film’s director) and real-life wife Emily Blunt played the parents (Lee and Evelyn Abbott) who had learned some tricks and tactics for surviving an environment where they can rarely talk and where even a broken twig could bring deadly predators into their rural homestead. But with Evelyn about to give birth to a baby, things were even more fraught for her, Lee and children Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe).  Regan is deaf (as is the actor) which gave her something of an advantage against the monsters and with a further irony, she was about to discover an important weakness in the attackers’ seemingly unbeatable strategies…

A genuinely tense experience throughout,  A Quiet Place might not have been perfect (there are some flaws in logic and reasonable quibbles about decisions made) but it rightly won major plaudits from audiences and critics alike and there was immediately talk of a follow-up that would feature the characters that actually survived. (And beware, you really should see the first film to avoid those spoilers).

In March that sequel arrives and the trailer for the new film – simply entitled ‘A Quiet Place: Part II‘ – sees them venturing away from the carnage they experienced and encountering two new characters, played by Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou who may provide sanctuary… but who also have a very different approach to surviving the creatures roaming their borders…  The teaser once again cranks up the practical, physical tensions of the original, but also sees flashbacks to the earliest days of the apocalyptic nightmare as the world starts to fall apart.

Krasinski once again directs, with the film arriving 20th March 2020…


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