Warner Bros. looks to enlist ‘Alien Legion’ for franchise…

A classic, acclaimed 80s sf Marvel comic may finally be heading for the screen...

In quite the deep-dive into decades’ old comics, original Deadpool and Terminator: Dark Fate director Tim Miller has been announced to helm a version of a classic Epic/Marvel property. Though many younger readers may have never heard of Alien Legion, the title (co-created by Carl Potts, Alan Zelenetz and Frank Cirocco) was a critical hit when first published in the 1980s, championing Marvel‘s ‘Epic‘ in-house prestige range and actually outlasting it when the title when on to be published elsewhere.

The concept of Alien Legion is essentially the ‘French Foreign Legion in space‘ where a cross-species/race peace force tries to uphold the cosmic peace across a galaxy that has very different interpretations of their job… and all the while noting that while some members are there for altruistic reasons, many joined up with a ‘not-too-many-questions-asked’ and problems and priorities of their own.

Characters include the serpentine-like Captain Sarigar, who glides around on a formidable tail, Juger Grimrod, who is very much of the ‘fire first and don’t ask questions later’ variety, a four-armed medic called Meico and Torie Montroc, a human who is marking time before an inheritance kicks in.

Industry site, the Hollywood Reporter notes that the concept is believed to have franchise potential and if the first outing is successful, Warner Bros. appears to be looking at multiple films. It’s not the first time that a big-screen debut of the concept has been discussed though in all other cases, with names such as Jerry Bruckheimer, Game of Thrones‘ David Benioff and Dimension Films all being involved at various points – however the concept is a pricey one requiring top-notch VFX and there never seemed to be the necessary budget attached to propel it forward.

It may be a way off, but this could be a very promising movement to the frontline…