Warners Latest: Aquaman, Shazam shift, Salem’s Lot staked, Evil Dead still Rises?

The fallout from the recent restructuring at Warner Bros/ Discovery means more delays, shifts and questionable fates...

Yes, the storms of wholesale cuts, cancellations and restructuring of Warner Bros.‘ output shows no sign of fading into a calmer sea anytime soon. Announcements over the last twenty-four hours include the following:

Despite seeming assurances of stability to the public earlier this month, both Shazam: Fury of the Gods and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have now been officially confirmed as being pushed back dramatically from their due dates. Originally due to land in the multiplexes on 21st December and just in time for Christmas, the Shazam sequel moves to 17th March 2023. The Aquaman sequel, which was due on that date, now gets pushed back even further, a further nine months to Christmas Day 2023.

Salem’s Lot, the big-screen remake of the classic Tobe Hooper chiller (itself an adaptation of the Stephen King best-seller) had been originally due to arrive on cinema screens on 9th September 2022 but, citing COVID problems, the film was then shifted to 21st April 2023. With a screenplay by Gary Dauberman who wrote the recent IT films, it was garnering some anticipation… but it has now completely vanished after being pulled from the upcoming schedules without issuing any alternative date issued so far. As the film is still in post-production it’s currently not clear if this is just a further delay or an outright slaying.

Another franchise sequel/re-imagining, Evil Dead Rise, directed by Lee Cronin moves from its original HBO Max platform streaming strategy and will take Salem’s Lot‘s place at the multiplex.¬† The Nun 2, the latest segue/chapter in the Conjuring-verse, will now open 8th September 2023.