Lawyer and Order: Will ‘She Hulk’ be a smash hit?

A very different Hulk is about to tackle the court of public opinion...

Originally published in 1980 the Marvel Comics title She-Hulk was meant to be little more than a way for the company to hold on to what they perceived might be a copyright/trademark issue close to their signature Hulk character. But in the years since, Jennifer Walters – Bruce Banner’s cousin – has established her own cult following.

Imbued with the gamma-radiation, body-changing aspect of her cousin – after she needs a blood transfusion from him – Jennifer quickly established better control of her emerald alter-ego and the comics gave the concept a more fun spin, with Jennifer being a lawyer by profession but a superhero by circumstance. Under writers such as industry legend John Byrne, the character often smashed the fourth wall and deliberately played with comic tropes.

That looks to be a similar situation with the new Marvel series that will launch on Disney+ in August. Orphan Black / Perry Mason star Tatiana Maslany takes the lead as both Jennifer and her performance-capture persona. We’ve seen the logo treatment and some imagery, but we now have a full-on trailer.  While many have praised the tone of the teaser, some are wondering if the VFX are the finished variety. While a tv series doesn’t have the budget of a major motion picture, Walters emerald alter-ego doesn’t seem as convincingly rendered as those of Mark Ruffalo. Equally, some are wondering about continuity as we’ve seen Ruffalo/Banner with a permanently-injured right arm in post Endgame appearances, yet the teaser shows him in perfect shape.

The show will follow Jennifer’s legal challenges, but given she’s part of a taskforce involved with prosecuting super-powered villains (allegedly), expect some familiar faces including Tim Roth’s Abomination.

She Hulk: Attorney at Law debuts the first of its nine episodes on Disney+ on 17th August 17th…