Go West, Go Fourth. Will robots’ return create a Perfect Day?

Get ready to be confused and delighted once again after 'Westworld' returns to screens in June...

Westworld is one of those series that frustrates and delights in equal measure. Every penny of its significant budget is on-screen and its ideas are more far-reaching than plenty of shows put together. But the large gaps between seasons and it’s labyrinthine, multi-level stories can be hard to follow, especially when it’s hard to remember where we left things each time (Seriously, without checking, can you tell us the state of play at the end of the last run over two years ago when COVID was just starting?).

But there’s no denying that the series glossy, mysterious, violent delights are all likely to be back when the show’s fourth run (eight episodes starting on 26th June) reunites some of the main cast (Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth and Aaron Paul), while simultaneously advancing the tenuous relationship between humans and the intelligent creatures they created. From the trailer, there looks to be bugs in the system – a literal nanobot-swarm-like edge to things as the synthetic beings turn the tables on humanity, perhaps even superseding them with their plans.

We’ll be watching its return on HBO Max closely – but will we understand it?