Realty Bites Back? SyFy’s ‘Surreal Estate’ gets a new lease of life…

SyFy may have given the spooky tomb improvement show the last rites, but it has defied the odds...

Last year SyFy had a something of a cult hit on their hands with Surreal Estate. The story of a group, led by the enigmatic and troubled Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) that specilaised in selling homes with a certain ‘spiritual’ problem while dealing with personal ‘demons’ of their own was the kind of show that did not have amazing, record-breaking ratings but enough of an audience to generate a decent-sized passionate fanbase. However last year the show’s creator George Olson confirmed that SyFy had chosen not to renew it and it looked like the series had given up the ghost.

Hey folks. Sorry to tell you that we will not be moving forward with Syfy on Season Two of #SurrealEstate. But we have no intention of leaving Luke alone in a bowling alley when his mom is out there somewhere and mortgage rates are so reasonable.” he tweeted at the time, following something of a cliffhanger finale.

A year later and there’s been an unlikely resurrection with the breaking news that SyFy has reconsidered and has pencilled in a return of Surreal Estate for some time in 2023. Little is known at the moment as to when the series will start filming and if we’ll see the return of all the main cast – including Rozon and Savannah Basley (both of Wynonna Earp fame), Sarah Levy,  Adam Korson, Maurice Dean Wint and Tennille Read.