Game on – finally. Holland heads into ‘Uncharted’ territory with trailer…

Many thought Nathan Fillion was a shoe-in, but it was Tom Holland who nabbed the 'Uncharted' lead...

Back in 2018, Nathan Fillion created a unofficial passion-project short, his take on the  SONY PS4 / Naughty Dog game Uncharted  in which he recreated the central role of Nathan Drake (with screen veteran Stephen Lang cast as his mentor Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan). The ‘film’ ran to less than fifteen minutes but fans were duly impressed. Fillion seemed to fit the role like a glove and there was much talk he could be in the running for the role in the discussed big-screen adaptation.

You can see the short here:

So there were some eyebrows raised a couple of years later when Tom Holland (the current incarnation of the cinematic Spider-man) was chosen to headline the actual big-screen adaptation from, who else but SONY Pictures. Given that the main character Nathan Drake was a tall, muscular sort, the casting of Holland – with all due respect to the actor – didn’t seem to fit the bill. Indeed, it felt like quite spectacular miscasting. However this first entry in a potential franchise is expected to reflect the snippets that game-players saw of Nathan’s much younger, more formative years.

Fans of the game series (which has can sold over 41 million units in the last decade) now get to compare and contrast with a newly-released trailer for the upcoming official film.  First considered for the big-screen many years ago, production of the movie itself faced several delays, many recent ones due to the COVID situation, but the finished piece is now due to hit screens on 18th February 2022. The film is described as an ‘action adventure that spans the globe’ as Nathan and Scully track down hidden treasures. Holland’s significant co-stars include Mark Wahlberg (as Sully), Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and Antonio Banderas.