Will ‘Zombieland 2’ double-tap into undead success?

The gang's back together and coming out swinging for some more zombie-slaying in a sequel to the 2009 cult comedy-horror hit...

Zombieland (released in 2009) was a comedy timed to simultaneously  lampoon and celebrate the amount of undead staggering around, but – ten years later – the zombie genre shows no sign of dying off any time soon. The Walking Dead (or the tv version, at least) is still in circulation-challenged circulation and the remain a regular staple of the horror genre.  And so, it should not really have been such a surprise that the film was getting a belated sequel, set for release by Columbia Pictures just ahead of this year’s Hallowe’en.

The surviving mismatched members of the original film – Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee, Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus, Emma Stone as Wichita and Abigail Breslin as Little Rock – are all back, blasting way the post-apocalyptic threats that face them and working out the rules of survival as they go along – including the all-important ‘double-tap’ of the title, indicating a second gun blast to make sure the zombies don’t get up again like they do in the old horror films.  This time, the quartet find themselves new accommodation, the now deserted White House, which provides all sorts of comforts and opportunities. However when new survivors appear on the horizon, it creates an awkward shift in the group dynamic that requires a trip beyond the Rose Garden….

The trailer was expected by some to  be released at the SDCC, but it actually came into view a few days later – though it was arguably worth waiting for…