‘Lucifer’: Netflix makes extended deal with the devil…

The final season of supernatural success 'Lucifer ' just got more episodes...

We’ve covered the ups and downs of Lucifer – from its cult status but eventual cancellation on FOX to the concerted fan campaign to save it and the resulting current revival on Netflix.

Last month Netflix and the production staff confirmed that the next run would be the show’s last but were carefully planning to give it the send-off it deserved. It now appears that Netflix have agreed to extend that initial ten episode run to sixteen episodes. That puts it well ahead of the ten from the most recent run (which debuted in May) and less than the amount of a regular season on Fox, but it should still please the passionate fanbase who had a mixed, but generally positive reaction to the plans to wrap the show up in the right way.

Regular stars Tom Ellis and Lauren Graham will be back for the fifth season which has just started filming for a 2020 release.