Peak Performance for ‘Cliffhanger’ remake?

It's been over twenty-five years since Stallone scaled new heights with 'Cliffhanger'. Now a female-led remake is being planned...

Those of a certain age will remember the 1993 Sly Stallone action adventure movie Cliffhanger, directed by Renny Harlin and in which Stallone played Gabe Walker, a rescue mountaineer… one who finds that the people he’s about to ‘rescue’ need him for more nefarious purposes. The film also starred John Lithgow, Janine Turner and Michael Rooker.

There are now plans for a remake though the script, by Sascha Penn, is seeking to change out the gender of the main character (with ‘Gabe’ being short for Gabrielle, perhaps?) and with plans for Ana Lily Aminpoor (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night) to helm the production.

“We are setting out to create a thrill-ride on the mountain which taps into the primal side of an action movie, where you see what a person is capable of doing to survive in the most extreme situations, pushed to the limits,” Amirpour explained in a statement.

There is no word on who will be cast in the lead role, but there is also talk of Aquman Jason Momoa having a cameo/supporting role in the film.