Netflix calls time on ‘Travelers’….

Star Eric McCormack confirms that - as things stand - there won't be a fourth season of the hit time-travel show on Netflix...

As we mentioned (and reviewed) in the last month, Travelers was one of those time-travel shows that managed to approach the various staples of the genre in new and refreshing ways and showed its cast of characters sticking around to deal with the repercussions of their effects on the timeline.

The third series, broadcast on Netflix which now has all three seasons available,  was a massive critical success, with decent ratings and at one point was even trending on twitter, but star Eric McCormack took to the social media platform this afternoon to confirm that – as things stand – Netflix has decided against a fourth run of the show (see his message below).

Of course, in the current multi-platform environment, that doesn’t mean that the show is entirely dead and there’s always the chance that it could return in some other form. (And, frankly, we think Sam Beckett needs to get involved and reverse the decision…)  That being said, McCormack is busy with another hit Will & Grace (which returned from hiatus this week) and the the show arguably finished its third run in a way that could act as a more than decent series ender as well as season finale. Either way, the team behind the show have every reason to feel good about the response the show got and the passionate fanbase it created ‘in the 21st’.

Showrunner Brad Wright (also the man behind the likes of Stargate SG1) echoed McCormack’s feelings and thanked everyone involved: Well, all good things…  Thanks to the greatest cast, crew, directors, writers, artists and producing partners a guy could ask for.  Love to you all.   And to @Netflix for stepping up so we could make season 3!