Crossings + Cross-hairs: ‘Bosch: Legacy’ plays cat-and-mouse…

Everyone's following each other as the various forces of law + disorder look for the advantage...

Bosch’s investigations put him squarely in the sights of two corrupt cops who have everything to lose if Harry’s gameplan leads him to their illicit operations. But with everyone trying to stay one step ahead and in ever-decreasing circles, it’s only time before there’s a collision.

And as hard as Bosch and Chandler are pursuing their targets, the FBI has its eyes on the investigators themselves for their past outside-the-lines activities. A time-piece may help connect the dots, but for everyone involved…the clock is ticking.



With Michael Connelly’s latest tome, Resurrection Walk, hitting transatlantic shelves this week, fans will get something of a double-dip: not only Bosch and The Lincoln Lawyer on the printed page, but another two episodes of Bosch: Legacy on freevee. The pacing of two episodes a week (after the initial drop of four) could end up being a solid business-model for such procedural dramas, allowing a lot of progression in the plot (here we have shoot-outs and car-crashes surrounded by solid police-work) but also securing some non-binge-watch loyalty.

Though there’s a lot that gets resolved this week, there’s still sufficient story left to play out.¬† Bosch (the ever-reliable Titus Welliver) and the crooked cops (Max Martini’s Detective Don Ellis and Guy Wilson’s Detective Kevin Long) play a game of cat and mouse with each party largely managing to figure out the others’ moves and so it’s not clear who will have the upper hand when they meet. Thankfully, though Ellis targets Maddie as Bosch’s possible weak-spot, she’s only courted for information rather than another hostage situation. We finally get the confrontation in a shoot-out that readers will recognise as a variation of the climax of The Crossing (the book on which this season is based, with some tweaks). While Long is seriously wounded (possibly fatally), Ellis escapes immediate capture, setting-up an inevitable confrontation in the finale (unless the series decides to keep him in the picture longer).

Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers) and Bosch still have the Feds on their trail as the agents start to piece together just what our heroes did last season (setting up the corrupt businessman Carl Rogers – played by Michael Rose – but who was ultimately killed by his Russian mob partners). They have pretty definitive proof Chandler and Bosch have been lying to them, which is a crime in and of itself, and we see Chandler arrested, though managing to orchestrate some publicity in the process. The final two episodes look to be more court-centric, though we’ll be denied the role Mickey Haller played in The Crossing and which Chandler has filled thus far.

Given that Stephen A. Chang’s Maurice ‘Mo’ Bassi was created for the show, rather than being a player in the novels, a lot of his work is in the ‘hacking for Bosch’ remit but he’s a fun character and has been given a side-story all his own that’s been slowly developing alongside the main plot. He’s been charmed by an apparent fellow hacker, Jade Quinn (Jessica Camacho) into some extra-curricular electronic snooping and it doesn’t take a Level One code-monkey to feel that the whole ‘Oh, if only someone would help me retrieve the files that my ex has on me!‘ positively reeks of an obvious set-up. I’m hoping it’s so obvious that Mo has actually avoided falling for the honey-trap, but with only two episodes of the show left to go, it also feels a lot like a set-up for a situation that might not get resolved until the confirmed third series. (Jade could be a Fed or a criminal, but wouldn’t it be fun if she actually turns out to be another of Connelly’s novel leads, Cassie Black, the resourceful thief from the standalone outing Void Moon – and, to date, has only been the subject of that one novel despite her popularity… though she’s had a few further references and a there-if-you-know cameo in The Narrows).

The final two episodes of Bosch: Legacy will drop next Friday in the US on freevee.

Michael Connelly is also auctioning a reader’s named appearance in his next book in aid of ‘Homes for our Troops‘. More details here

'Bosch: Legacy'  S02 EPs 07-08'  (freevee review)
'Bosch: Legacy' S02 EPs 07-08' (freevee review)
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