AMC is finding Nemo. ‘Nautilus’ crosses Atlantic for new home…

It's not quite 'Twenty Leagues' but there's a definite international journey for the classic adaptation...

Nautilus, originally commissioned in the UK by Disney+ for a potential ten-part series looked to be heading to a watery grave when Disney+ reversed its decision as part of cost-cutting and streamlining its content. However AMC has stepped up and thrown the show a lifeboat (seriously, we can do these metaphors all day!).

The series, inspired by Jules Verne’s classic story  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and its characters was shot in Australia, in 2022 and now looks to be aiming for a 2024 debut on the AMC and AMC+ platforms after they licensed the broadcast rights. The title of the show comes from the name of the submarine steered by Captain Nemo, once a prisoner of the  East India Mercantile Company and a man who now walks a fine line between wanting justice for the wrongs against him… or just plain revenge and has the means for both.

Shazad Latif (Star Trek: Discovery) plays the role of Nemo with able support from the likes of Georgia Flood and Thierry Frémont, with Pacharo Mzembe, Arlo Green, Tyrone Ngatai, Ling Cooper Tang, Andrew Shaw, Ashan Kumar, Céline Menville and Kayden Price.

In a statement, Ben Davis, EVP of Original Programming at AMC Networks and AMC Studios said: “Nautilus is a big, sweeping drama that is sure to appeal to fans of our Anne Rice Immortal Universe and other buzzy and fan-forward series like Orphan Black: Echoes. We are looking forward to bringing it to AMC+ and AMC as a special television event next year.”