’22/’23 Slate (CW): Booting out reboot shows, ahead of prequels…

A lot of genre shows face the axe, but - on the flipside - some interesting new genre titles will debut next season...

While some networks are keeping a majority of their line-up into the new season, it’s less favourable for others. It’s not looking good for a raft of CW genre shows, many of which have either not been confirmed for the new season or have just received official news of their demise.

The modern version of Charmed wasn’t considered magic enough to survive into the 22/23 run, another reboot Roswell New Mexico appears to be alienated and The 4400 finds itself re-abducted. Dynasty has also ended its reign. New DC-universe show Naomi will not get a second run (but may be shopped elsewhere) and follows two other DC-related shows Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman to the exit door.

In the Dark will return for a confirmed final (fourth) season, but still to get news of their rise or demise are Legacies, Tom Swift and Stargirl.

The winners? The Flash, Kung Fu, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Superman & Lois have all gained confirmed places alongside Walker and newcomer Homecoming.

And what of the future? The three main contenders have all received series pick-ups. Ironically two of the upcoming series are prequels. Gotham Knights centres on Bruce Wayne’s adopted son who is framed for the Dark Knight’s murder alongside several of the city’s villains. Walker: Independence goes into an earlier branch of the law-enforcer’s family as Abby Walker (Katherine McNamara) goes on a quest for revenge to find her husband’s murderer in the the West of the 1800s and The Winchesters charts the early days of Sam and Dean’s parents as they take on demonic threats. (Jensen Ackles will narrate).