TRAILER: New ‘Dominion’ trailer takes ‘Jurassic’ global…

In the 'final' part of Jurassic Park's modern trilogy, who will finally have 'Dominion' over the world?

The third (and supposedly ‘final’?) entry in the modern Jurassic Park franchise has seen Universal Pictures released a more complete trailer ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl and for the film’s June release. Telling the story of a world that now has dinosaurs living across the globe and how mankind and creatures have established a precarious balance of existence, it unites the original trilogy’s main stars (Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill and Laura Dern) with the more recent heroes of the piece, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Little is known of the story except that – as always – there’s serious dangers for the humans in the equation and that the film will allow the various dinosaurs to be interacting in urban areas including famous landmarks. The trailer indicates there’ll be no lack of show-pieces and peril but that there will also be a genuine ecological angle… as the way mankind has meddled with nature comes back to (literally) take a bite out of the power structure and perhaps deciding who will have that ‘Dominion‘ before the credits roll…

The film, once again directed by Colin Trevorrow, is currently planned to head to cinemas on 10th June – despite the various delays in production due to outbreaks of COVID.