Who Daenerys Wins? Emilia Clarke to join Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’?

Yet more news on the casting for the forth-coming Marvel/Disney+ series featuring shape-changing Skrulls...

For the best part of a decade Emilia Clarke played Daenerys Targaryenin, the ‘Mother of Dragons’ in HBO‘s Game of Thrones (only her third professional acting job), but it was the role that launched her career to a whole new level. After the show’s controversial ending, she went on to other genre roles in tent-pole releases including the likes of Terminator: Dark Fate (taking the role of Sarah Connor) and as con-woman Qu’ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story and 2019 seasonal rom-com Last Christmas.

Not content with appearing in two of the biggest big-screen franchises, she is now rumoured to be joining Marvel‘s expanding cinematic universe with a key role in the upcoming tv series Secret Invasion. If the deal is formalised, she will likely join the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Kinsley Ben-Adir, Ben Mendealsohn and  Olivia Colman. It is not known what Clarke’s role would be, whether a hero or possibly leading a rogue element of shape-changing Skrulls that are replacing key people in Earth’s power-positions.

Clarke is also partnering with writer Marguerite Bennett on a new title for Image Comics which will launch in July. MOM (Mother of Madness) tells the tale of a single mother taking on sex-traffikers in a unique way and is described by Clarke in a recent interview as ‘a lot of silliness‘ paired with feminist themes ‘explored in an extreme genre-bending atmosphere…