Promising Young Sorceress: Emerald Fennell to write ‘Zatanna’…

Multiple Oscar-nominee Emerald Fenell will be scripting one of the next big 'DC' films...

Emerald Fenell has received multiple Oscar-nominated for her direction of Promising Young Woman and it now looks as if one of her forthcoming projects will be a superhero movie. It might have been asking too much of pigment-based irony for Emerald to write a Green Lantern movie, but it appears that her upcoming slate does include another strong DC character:  Zatanna is a superhero with a magic power-set and one of the most powerful sorceresses in the DC universe. The character, created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, has connections to the Justice League though the only on-screen appearance was in the Smallville series (where she was played by guest-star Serinda Swan).

Fenell has had a simultaneous acting, writing and directing career: her on-screen credits include appearances in Anna Karenina, The Danish Girl,  Call the Midwife and playing Camilla Parker-Bowles in Netflix’s  The Crown and she was the showrunner for the second season of Killing Eve. There’s no casting news at this point, or confirmation of director, but Variety reports that the production will come from Warner Bros. working with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions as part of their producing partnership.

The time-frame for production is still not known, but at this point, the film is fully-intended to be a cinema release, rather than heading to HBO Max.