COVID: Morbius – Sony’s Marvel/vamp film flies to October…

With COVID still raging, 2021 is starting to see the expected further delays to its film releases...

Film-fans grew weary but resigned to almost every significant 2020 release being moved into 2021, but with over 3000 Americans dying every day as the pandemic continues, there’s no sign that most cinemas will be opening there doors for some time.  So that means the raft of films due to launch in the next few months are already starting to vacate those dates.

So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Sony’s Morbiusstarring Jared Leto, has been moved away from its 19th March release and is now scheduled for 8th October (which was originally earmarked for The Addams Family 2. Morbius is based on the Marvel Comics character, a sometimes villain/sometimes hero by the name of Michael Morbius who transfuses himself with an experimental serum devised from rare bats and finds himself fighting to control a vampyric element and sudden blood-lust.

The original trailer also featured a surprising cameo from Michael Keaton (who played The Vulture in Sony/Marvel Studios‘ Spider-Man: Homecoming) indicating a possible attempt to interconnect some of the stories. There had been speculation that Morbius might have been moved to an online debut, but Sony sees it as an important release and addition to the Marvel cinematic canon and so far seems determined to get it onto the big screen, even if that means a seven month delay.