UPDATED: Bond & Beastmaster actor Tanya Roberts has died…

After initial, premature reports at the weekend, it has been confirmed that Tanya Roberts died on Tuesday...

The weekend brought news that actress Tanya Roberts had died after collapsing over Christmas. The actor was best known for her roles in Charlie’s Angels (as ‘Julie Rogers’ in the original show’s final season), in the James Bond movie A View to a Kill (1985), the cult hits The Beastmaster (1982) and Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (1984),  a string of more ‘adult’ fare (including Body Slam in 1987 and Night Eyes in 1990) and for her appearances as Laura Prepon’s mother on That 70s Show.

The only problem with that report is that a day later it appeared that it was, at least, premature. Roberts was still alive

Though her demise was confirmed by manager manager, Tarri Markel and rep Mike Pingel – who said he was devastated – and her husband Lance O’Brien – who was quoted in the announcement as saying “As I held her in her last moments, she opened her eyes…” – Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A apparently contacted O’Brien to confirm she was still alive and this has now been confirmed by Pingel who said the original statement was issued in error. (The mix-up appears confusing, but seems to be linked to both the strain facing hospitals in the middle of the pandemic and to O’Brien telling Pingel that he had been advised to make his final goodbyes to her and in a later phone-call Pingle believing Roberts had now passed. This was not the case).

On Tuesday came double-checked confirmation that Roberts had succumbed to her failing condition and had now passed. Though it was speculated that her dath was COVID-related this has been denied but no further information given.