Bad Wolf? Will Ridley Scott’s sf series blow your house in?

HBO Max's 'Raised by Wolves' looks impressive - but will it be a hit for veteran film director Ridley Scott?

There’s little doubt that anything directed by Ridley Scott will be visually spectacular and ambitious in scope. However for all their often sterile beauty and widescreen delight  his more recent films have also been bogged down in pseudo-theology, contradiction and a story that fails to fill the canvas. The question with any of his projects is whether the visual side, the directorial vision and the story itself can all work to produce a result that’s as well-realised as its ambition and on a par with his earlier, ground-breaking classics.

So all eyes are likely to be on Raised by Wolves, a new sf series coming to HBO Max next month and for which Scott directs the first two episodes (of a ten chapter run) with his company Scott Free producing the show. The premise is that in a post-apocalyptic future, children are being biologically recreated and cared for by two androids. One is called Father (Abubakar Salim), the other Mother (Danish actor Amanda Collin) and she tells them fairytales such as the story of the  ‘Three Little Pigs‘… which may well be metaphors  of the real dangers that may still lurk out in the shadows. But with rising tensions over the way the androids seek to shape the children’s beliefs are complicated by the arrival of a weathered soldier called Marcus (Travis Fimmel of Vikings fame) who disrupts their existence and raises the question of just who the real ‘Big Bad Wolf‘ of the piece may be…

The series was originally going to be broadcast on TNT which picked up the series in 2018 but it was announced in October 2019 that the show would be moving to WarnerMedia‘s HBO Max… where it will now debut on 3rd September.