Devil in the Detail: Ellis signs for another season of ‘Lucifer’…

It now seems that the announcement about the 'Lucifer' renewal is imminent...

Though it’s technically not quite a done deal as yet, one of the very last obstacles to Netflix‘s Lucifer continuing beyond its upcoming fifth season seems to have been settled… with star Tom Ellis formally signing on to keep playing the titular grounded angel again if all goes well.

The upcoming season of Lucifer Рwhich has already been filmed Рwill be split into two runs of eight to be broadcast later this year and they were originally intended to be the last run of the show. However fan reaction and Netflix numbers made a renewal more and more attractive to all parties and it is expected a sixth season, to be filmed next year is now all but certain.

If the anticipated renewal does now happen, it will be yet another success for the show’s passionate fan-base and the latest boost for the show that escaped cancellation several times and consistently thrived thereafter.