Sequel/Prequel: Will ‘WW-1984’ be more equal than others?

It's not quite George Orwell territory, but Wonder Woman is still fighting for your rights...

While there’s been just as many DC movies out there as Marvel, it’s been a far less cohesive universe for the former. One of the biggest successes was 2017’s Wonder Woman, staring Gal Gadot as the warrior princess venturing out into the wider world during World War II.  Though she’d appear opposite Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and Ben Affleck’s Batman in Dawn of Justice, her eventual solo outing proved a far bigger success and critical draw.

So a sequel was inevitable and in the summer of 2020 we’ll be heading back in time again, though not quite as far… and the horrors may be more of the fashion variety as WW:1984 sees Gadot reunited with old friends but facing some new dastardly threats. Yes, as the trailer reveals, somehow Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor appears to make a comeback, despite indications of his demise in the first film. Quite how he’s transported to the 1980s (if, indeed it’s really him) is not explained  in the two-minute trailer, but he gets a lot of screen-time and there’s plenty of room for him in both the action sequences and the more comedic moments. Robin Wright as Antiope, and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta are both back for the film and the new faces include Kristen Wiig as The Cheetah and The Mandolorian‘s Pedro Pascal as Max Lord.

Patty Jenkins is once again in the director’s chair and co-produces the film.

The wonder-ment ensues 5th June 2020…