Kevin Hart suffers serious injuries in car crash…

Hart was hospitalised, along with the car's driver, but is expected to make a recovery after immediate back surgery...

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has suffered what are being described as ‘serious back injuries’ after he was involved in a car crash in the early hours of Sunday.  Hart’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda was being driven by friend Jared Black when Black apparently lost control on a corner and the car  tumbled down an embankment near Mullholland Highway Los Angeles.  Hart was able to get out of the vehicle and raise the alarm, though Black and  a fellow passenger Rebecca Broxterman were trapped in the wreckage for a while. Hart and Black were hospitalised, Broxterman’s injuries are said to be minor and which she was able to take care of herself.

Initial police reports said that alcohol was not a factor. At this point none of the injured people’s representatives have clarified the exact injuries beyond their ‘serious’ nature, though Hart’s wife confirmed he had had surgery on his back and was going to be ‘just fine’ after some days of recuperation.

As well as a number of top-rated comedy specials, Hart has appeared in films such as The Upside, the Ride Along movies, Get Hard, Night School, Central Intelligence and the Jumanji reboot – and its upcoming sequel, due for release in December)