Millar and Capullo (… and Bullock) to be ‘Reborn’ through Netflix…

The next chapter in Mark Millar's deal with Netflix could see a fantasy film produced (and even starring) Sandra Bullock...

First Mark Millar conquered printed comics and then saw many of his ideas and creations find their way to the big screen. The Ultimates, his reinvention of The Avengers has informed much of the cinematic version of the super-team and there’s been more independent successes with the likes of Wanted, Kick-Ass and Kingsman.

Last year Millar and his company signed a partnership deal with Netflix and according to industry site Deadline, the next collaboration to come from that could well be a screen version of Reborn.

The comic, written by Millar and illustrated by Greg Capullo, tells the story of an eighty year old woman named Bonnie Black who passes away in a Manhattan hospital but reawakens in the land of Adystria and in the middle of a magical war with some exotic strangers and familiar faces. She sets out with her ‘dead’ father to try and find her late husband. A mix between Larry Niven’s Riverworld (which also dealt with afterlife adventuring) and Dungeons & Dragons, the title once again showed how Millar can take classic ideas and give them a different spin.

Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock (who recently teamed with Netflix for Bird Box) is going to produce (alongside Roy Lee and Miri Yoon for Vertigo Entertainment) and there seems to be a possibility that she could also star, though that has yet to be confirmed. Chris McKay, who helmed The Lego Batman Movie is set to direct.