NYCC: ‘Discovery’ S2 treks to January (no UK ‘Shorts’?)

After a divisive first run, 'Star Trek Discovery' plans another star-spanning mystery for its second year....

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery divided audiences even before it was shown, with a troubled and belated development and a controversial decision to place the stories just before the original series’ missions. The result was also divisive though after a few initial speed-bumps and a marmite redesign of the Klingons most people agreed that it had a lot going for it and that there was a lot of potential there.

The second season will debut in January and the NYCC debuted a trailer for the new run, complete with evolving Klingon designs, the return of a significant face from the first season, a cosmic mystery and our first look at this show’s version of a younger Spock, played by Ethan Peck, several years before he joined the crew of the Enterprise. Christopher Pike (played by Anson Mount, late of The Inhumans) takes command of the Discovery as it sets out to find the significance of a strange phenomena that is appearing in different parts of the galaxy. Their origin and purpose is being sought by book and adopted half-sister Michael Burnham (Sonequa  Martin-Green) may be the only person who can save Spock and uncover the truth. Other faces we’ll see include Rebecca Romijn as ‘Number One’ and Tig Nataro as Denise ‘Jet’ Reno and Alan Van Sprang as Section 31 agent Leland.

Before the series debuts there will be a run of Star Trek Shorts, mini-adventures that each focus on a smaller cast and pivot around a particular character. The first of these, called ‘Runaway‘ and featuring Ensign Sylvia Tilly (played by Mary Wiseman) has appeared on the CBS All Access platform in the US but there’s some frustration that Netflix, which shows the series in the UK and other territories, does not appear to have a scheduled date for showing them, if at all. It does not appear that the stories will interfere with the enjoyment of the main series, but UK fans have voiced their displeasure at missing out.


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