NYCC: Good Omens predicts End of (Good) Times in 2019?

The classic apocalyptic book from took literary masters finally gets the mini-series treatment...

The literary teaming of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett is rightly considered a pairing for the ages and their 1990 book Good Omens is still considered a classic. Pratchett passed away in 2015, but there’s every indication he would have been pleased with the upcoming adaptation of the story which has been co-produced by Amazon and the BBC for broadcast next year.

Fan-favourites David Tennant and Michael Sheen take on the respective roles of demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale whose eons-long ‘frenemyship’ is put to the test when they realise that the modern world is entering the ‘End Times’ and their very existence is threatened, meaning they’ll have to work together against various even-more-powerful sacred and profane forces to ensure their survival.

The six-part mini-series Рwhich is taken from the book but includes elements that Gaiman and Pratchett discussed for a potential sequel tome Рalso stars the likes of John Hamm as the Angel Gabriel and Miranda Richardson as Madame Tracy (who were both on the NYCC stage with Gaiman, Tennant and Sheen) and Anna Maxwell Martin (as Beelzebub), Frances McDormand (as God), David Morrissey (as Captain Vincent).  The cast, though joking they only did the project for the pay-cheques, seemed to genuinely love their experience and working with each other the musical punctuation by Queen Рplayed before and during the panel Рseemed to excite the gathered crowd.