A Long Timey-Whimey Ago? Smith heads to Star Wars…

'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith will be appearing in 'Star Wars IX', though we don't know what character he will play as yet...

It appears that Matt Smith, who played the tenth incarnation of The Doctor is staying within the sf genre for an upcoming venture, possibly swapping a sonic screwdriver for a lightsaber? Smith has apparently been cast in the next Star Wars film (‘IX‘ in the franchise, but as yet untitled and not due for release until late next year). There are no details over what character he will play or whether that character will be on the light or dark side of the Force but is said to be a ‘key’ character.

The news has got a generally positive reaction and it’s always good to see some cross-pollination between the various franchises – it’s getting to be a whole new spectator sport to see the casting connections. The only negative note is that some fans have pointed out that however much they like Smith, his big-screen ventures (particularly those with a sf theme) have not exactly set the world alight. Terminator: Genisys was largely considered a misfire and the recent – much-delayed – release of Patient Zero was a horrendous mess. Since leaving Doctor Who he’s actually had far more success in other genres, including playing a young Prince Philip in The Crown and he is playing murderer Charles Manson in the film Charlie Says, due to be shown at the upcoming Venice Film Festival.