Flying ‘Solo’: Star Wars prequel gets SB push…

Disney need the standalone Star Wars prequel to be a success. Will the better-late-than-never publicity push be enough?

There’s been much gnashing of teeth about the Star Wars prequel featuring the younger days of ne’er-do-well Han Solo. Behind the scenes, the film controversially lost its directors after many months of shooting (Ron Howard stepped in) and the lack of publicity ahead of its upcoming May release made many feel that the studio didn’t have a lot of faith in it.

However a Super Bowl commercial provided the first glimpse on Sunday night with the announcement of the fuller trailer on Monday. Much is still unknown about the film, which features Alden Ehrenreich is the title role.  It’s impossible to tell a lot from the teaser and much will rest on the finished film – Disney really need it to be a success after all its troubles.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is released by Disney on 25th May…