‘Mission’ stunt proves impossible, even for Cruise…

It's wall-to-wall action for the next Mission Impossible, as Tom Cruise found out...
Mission Impossible 6

Tom Cruise may have areas of controversy, but he’s well known for being an absolute professional on the set, getting on with everyone from the caterers to his co-stars – and he’s also infamous for being very hands-on with the stunt-work. In the last outing he strapped himself to the outside of a cargo plane as it took off for a key sequence in the last Mission Impossible movie.

Gossip-site TMZ had some footage of Cruise filming a stunt for the next MI-outing in London, though it looks like things didn’t go quite as smoothly in the stunt department. Cruise is seen racing along a roof and making the jump to the next building, but he comes up short and slams into the masonry. Ever the professional, the actor hauls himself up and limps onward, completing the shot, but it’s clear he got significantly banged up in the process.

It is not known if the apparent injury was serious or whether it will impact the film’s current lensing schedule, but it looks like the actor may need a few days’ recovery from that body-slam.

Christopher McQuarrie is directing the film, the sixth in the Mission Impossible franchise and it is set for a 2018 summer release. Cruise’s co-stars for this outing include Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Bassett, Michelle Monaghan, Simon Pegg and Alec Baldwin.  Cavill made the news recently when it was revealed that he was going to do some Justice League reshoots, but that the moustache he’s wearing for the MI role will have to be digitally removed for the new Justice footage rather than added back in for the MI footage.