Doctor Who 60th Anniversary trailer arrives to kick arse…

It's nearly here... and the moment has been prepared for. But are *you* prepared for what's to come?

Though we still don’t know the exact date of broadcast, it’s now two months until the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who and we DO know that after a relatively sedate state of marketing during the years Chris Chibnall was running the show, returning show-runner Russell T. Davies appears eager to drop little hints and promote the run up to the three announced specials (likely to all hit the screens in November) and the new series which begins sometime in the spring of 2024.

Both David Tennant and Carline Tate are returning for the specials – after outgoing Doctor Jodie Whittaker somehow regenerated into a form that looks a lot like the Tenth Doctor – though likely with a few differences this time around. The three specials are The Star Beast (adapted from one of the earliest Doctor Who Weekly strips originally drawn by Watchmen‘s Dave Gibbons), Wide Blue Yonder and The Giggle. As promised a major trailer for the upcoming festivities arrived Saturday with a lengthy selection of clips that still reveal very little about the stories involved and the thread running through them. We do see Neil Patrick Harris, now definitely revealed as an enemy from the Doctor’s past (but is it the ‘Celestial’ Toymaker or not – The official press release says… it is!).

There’s certainly a lot to get excited about – and Tate delivers the key line of the trailer, promising some definite kick-arse action alongside the emotional core of proceedings… only two months to go!