Secret Invasion: A new View to a Skrull…

Marvel's 'Secret Invasion' begins in June and the latest teaser shows how it's taking shape...

It’s not only Picard and friends that are dealing with shape-shifting enemies this year – and in Marvel/Disney+‘s upcoming new series, the threat is a lot closer to home.

Taking its premise from the acclaimed story-arc of the same name in Marvel‘s printed comics – though with some significant variations – Secret Invasion details a group of Skrulls who, tired of waiting for a new homeworld, have spent a lot of time – years – and effort infiltrating institutions and organisations on Earth in an effort to make our planet their own. Given that they can pass for anyone, the danger is very real and big enough to bring the real Nick Fury back home from his time in space. (It was revealed at the end of the Spider-man: Far from Home outing that the Fury we’d seen there was a Skrull (though the more friendly kind, best essayed by Ben Mendelsohn (Talon) – last seen in Captain Marvel feature film).

Apart from Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role as the weathered Nick Fury, the newcomers to the cast are an ensemble of talent… such as Kingsley Ben-Adir (Vera, The OA), Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke, and Oscar-winner Olivia Colman. The tone of the series, at least from the trailer, is much darker and more full of spy-craft than some of the recent offerings.

After some concern in the last week that the series might be put back due to some reshuffling of Marvel‘s schedules, it was confirmed that Secret Invasion will launch on 21st June. Scenes for the show were shot around the world, with key scenes being shot in Leeds, England and other parts of Yorkshire ( such as the Halifax Piece Hall – which you can see getting ‘bombed’ in the trailer) and London last year.