TRAILER: Trek gives first glimpse of ‘Strange New Worlds’…

Paramount+ is set to boldly go by looking at the pre-Kirk days of the Enterprise...

We’re a couple of months away from the start of the new Trek series Strange New Worlds, a production that goes back to the days before James T. Kirk took command of the Enterprise and the mission to do the exploration to the destinations of its title were the purview of Captain Christopher Pike, Spock and ‘Number One’.

The success of Anson Mount, Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romijn’s appearances in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery (before that starship sailed into its own respective far future) prompted Paramount to look at the possibility of following those characters on more missions and 5th May will see the series debut.

But we’re only now seeing any real footage from the series, with a teaser trailer released showing the intended look and tone of the show. Some of the colour-schemes will be familiar to fans of The Original Series (TOS) of the 1960s, though the series won’t shirk on up-dating the technology and giving some of the iconic motifs a bit of a wash-and-brush-up.¬† As much as the images may create a sense of nostalgia, it’s also the audio-cues that strike a familiar chord in the 90 second teaser.

Even some of the most weathered Star Trek fans are looking forward to this series and it could be a cornerstone of the current Trek revival.