Comic-Con@Home: ‘Walking Dead’ sets up its final run…

The end is near... or at least the beginning of the end, though TWD looks to be walking on...

Though the SDCC has become a casualty of the COVID pandemic once again, it’s operating at Comic-Con @ Home variant and there’s various teasers coming out of its virtual programming.

One of those is the full-on trailer for Season 11 of The Walking Dead. This will be the last season of the show, though it will be divided into two runs. There will also be no shortage of zombie-fodder going forwards as Fear the Walking Dead continues, a second (and final) season of World Beyond will conclude that story and there’s also the much-promised movie and a Daryl and Carol spin-off somewhere just over the horizon.

But for now, the film’s teaser promises a continued and escalating  threat from the undead, more hints on ‘The Commonwealth’, a new army of enemies that seem to make The Whisperers look positively civilised and  lot of tension between our survivors. Almost all the main cast are shown as being under threat, though it also seems that Negan and Maggie may have to work together for the sake of their survival. We also get confirmation that Homeland and The Boys actor Laila Robins will be playing Pamela Milton, the far-from-trusting governor of that Commonwealth.

Scott M. Gimple, now Chief Content Officer of TWD franchise says that Fear the Walking Dead ‘s next season, premiering 17th October, might also offer some context and clues as to the people who helicoptered Rick Grimes away in Season Nine of the main show, but that every different series within TWD was a piece of the larger landscape.

The end begins 22nd August on AMC, though subscribers to AMC+ will get to see it a week earlier…