UPFRONTS: Good news for ‘Evil’ as CBS confirms Paramount+ move…

Two of CBS' bubble shows will make the move to the 'Paramount+' platform for the new season...

As we noted at the weekend, the changing face of modern television has allowed some of the networks to have other options than the basic renewal/cancellation of previous years. It was rumoured that CBS might take some of its more niche shows – the ones with loyal followings but not the highest ratings – and find a new home for them at its premier streaming service, Paramount+ (previously CBS All Access).

Though there’s still no confirmed news on Clarice, CBS has now officially confirmed that both SEAL Team and Evil will be making that move. Evil was a well-reviewed critical hit last year, detailing an almost ecumenical X-Files format in which a team investigates possible ‘miracles’, but each finds their faith/lack of faith challenged by forces both human and perhaps more than human.  The series stars Katja Herbers as the more cynical, pragmatic forensic psychologist Dr.Kristen Bouchard, Mike Colter (Luke Cage) as trainee priest David Acosta, Aasif Mandi as tech-expert Ben Shakir and Lost/Person of Interest‘s Michael Emerson as the possibly diabolic Leyland Townsend. It was a far more nuanced series than many expected and while market forces often work their own unpredictable alchemy, it seemed  a case of where a second season would land rather than if it would made.

The David Boreanaz-led military unit  action series SEAL Team, as predicted, will have several of its next-season episodes appear on CBS before transferring to Paramount+ for the rest of its run.

A decision on Clarice, the continuation of Clarice Starling’s journey after the events of The Silence of the Lambs, is expected soon.