FOX won’t welcome back their ‘Prodigal Son’….

After two seasons, FOX's popular serial-killer drama, starring Michael Sheen and Tom Payne, has been killed off...

Despite being a popular show, though never a huge ratings success, FOX‘s Prodigal Son won fans for its mix of procedural cases, dark humour and serial-killer vibe. However, as the networks start to plan their 2021-2022 schedules for later in the year, it has just been announced that the series will not be renewed for a third run.

The show features police profiler Malcolm Bright (The Walking Dead‘s Tom Payne) who is also the son of a now-incarcerated serial killer Martin Whitly (acclaimed British actor Michael Sheen). Whitly was captured after the infant Matthew discovered his secret and turned him in. Far from holding a grudge, Martin has wanted to keep in contact with his son – even after Malcolm grew up, changed his name and started working for the police – and believes (with some justification) that his child may have had inherited some of his more visceral tendencies. The show sees Malcolm battle the darker side of his nature and deal with his father’s manipulations (as well as good investigation tips) and the problems of his sister Ainsley (Halston Sage) and mother Jessica Whitly (Bellamy Young), who also get continually  caught up in Martin’s charismatic but dangerous web.

This Tuesday will see the penultimate episode Sun and Fun with the show’s final episode, entitled The Last Weekend, airing a week later on 18th May.