COVID: Paramount continues to shift tent-pole release dates through 2023….

There's changes to movie release-dates, now stretching from late 2021 to late 2023...

Though numbers are currently looking better for for the fight against covid as more and more people get vaccinations, there’s still very few cinema-chains fully open and  yet more studio shuffling as key cinema releases move to different dates. Paramount just released their new line-up…

GI Joe spin-off Snake Eyes, which was due to debut on 22nd October, 2021, is now moving up to open 23rd July, 2021 – one of the few to be arriving sooner than expected.

Top Gun: Maverick, which was most recently set for 2nd July 2021 is now flying to 19th November 2021. The other big Tom Cruise movie, Mission Impossible 7, shifts from that November date to 27th May 2022 (with the eighth movie in the franchise moving from 4th November 2022 to 7th July 2023).

The live-action Dungeons & Dragons film previously being released on 27th May 2022 moves almost a whole year to 3rd March 2023.

After long-discussions about what story and what creative-team’s visions would win through, it appears that a new Star Trek movie is definitely on the cards, but with such a backlog of other titles to hit screens, it’s still a ways off, 9th June 2023.