Trek’s ‘First Contact Day’: What is Discovery’s next anomaly?

'Star Trek: Discovery' will return to screens for a fourth run a little earlier than expected...

The second major announcement from Star Trek‘s ‘First Contact Day‘ was that the fourth season of Discovery is  – despite covid restrictions – on target for a late 2021 debut… quite an achievement given current ongoing safety protocols and the fact that Discovery‘s third season only finished broadcast in February.

Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is now firmly established as the captain of the Discovery as it sets out to bring word of the Federation to a troubled galaxy (after the ship and its crew were propelled into the 32nd Century). Beyond that we know very little of the upcoming story except that a) new uniforms – again? and b) the teaser trailer shows some serious injuries and destruction aboard the vessel (and other locations)… and there’s talk of a major anomaly that spell disaster for even those separated by light years of distance (No offense, but didn’t Discovery just do a similar story? Let’s hope the resolution to this isn’t a petulant child and a faulty warp-drive this time).

You can see the Paramount+ teaser trailer below…