Making Mischief: Nothing low key about Marvel’s next time-bending outing…

The much-anticipated 'Loki' gets a new trailer ahead of 11th June debut...

Disney+/Marvel recently announced that in one way or another there’d be fresh new collaborative content almost every week for the entirety of 2021 – whether it be tv episodes or films. The delay to Black Widow (from May to July) means that schedule is a little askew now, but there’s still a lot of upcoming material.

The much-anticipated Loki series, with Tom Hiddleston reprising the title role,  will arrive in June and Disney+ have just released a new trailer clarifying what the God of Mischief’s remit will be within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. MCU fans will remember that though Loki was killed by Thanos early in Infinity War, the Avengers’ time-travels created a moment where the very-much-alive Loki (circa the end of the original Avengers movie) grabbed the all-powerful Tesseract and vanished… essentially creating a variant time-line and version of himself. This new timeline broke-off from a point before Loki became more of an ally to his half-brother Thor… all of which spells trouble.

The Loki series explores what happens immediately after that escape… and Loki’s realisation that it might not have been an ‘escape’ at all. It seems the TVA (Time Variance Authority) has the job of cleaning up errant timelines and they’re going to need Loki himself to help course-correct.  But can they trust Loki?

Of course not.

The series, launching 11th June, also stars Owen Wilson, Sophia Di Martino, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Richard E. Grant.