All the Knight Moves – Oscar Isaac heads to Marvel/Disney+ series?

The 'She-Hulk' casting may now be in question, but has Marvel found their 'Moon Knight'?

There has been a flurry of casting news about Marvel / Disney+ projects in the last few weeks. Iman Vellani  is to play the lead in Ms. Marvel and there were multiple reports that  Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany was going to play Jennifer Walters aka the She-Hulk (though the actor has now clarified that news she was onboard as the emerald-hued character were not as definitive as many believed, which hinted at the announcement being wrong or possibly just premature)

After rumours that both comedian Nick Kroll and musician/actor Daveed Diggs (Snowpiercer) might be being considered, there’s now word that Star Wars/Dune actor Oscar Isaac could be donning the uniform of Moon Knight for another Disney+ show. However at this point there is no solid confirmation of the casting nor a proposed start-date.

There’s been various interpretations of the Moon Knight character over the years. Seen by some to be Marvel‘s answer to DC‘s Batman, the character has a following but it is nowhere near as iconic as the distinguished competition’s counterpart.  Moon Knight first appeared in a support capacity back in Marvel‘s 1975 title Werewolf by Night#32. His civilian identity was mainly Marc Spector, an ex-marine turned mercenary, though he also used different names and identities to help hide (including cabbie Jake Lockley, playboy Steven Grant and more recently a high-priced consultant known as Mr White). It was also established that the character was a ‘conduit’ of an ancient Egyptian moon god, Khonshu and in recent years there were depictions of his multiple identities as reflective of his troubled, fractured mind.

Jeremy Slater, who developed and wrote the adaptation of  Umbrella Academy for Netflix looks set to head-up the writing team once production begins.