No Time to Release: Bond team’s 2021 mission statement…

James Bond will be back... however it will now a full year later than planned...

In what may likely prove to be the final cinematic domino-toppling move of 2020, the ever-resilient 007 has had to withdraw, the spectre of COVID meaning that there will be No Time to Die until sometime next year. At this point it seems the plan is for James Bond to rise again around Easter time.

Though there had been ever-increasing pressure on the latest Bond movie – the twenty-fifth of the franchise – to postpone its release, MGM and EON had been adamant it would stick with its 20th November date after being the first to move from its original April 2020 date . However with almost every other major 2020 title now off the board and most cinemas and multiplexes likely to remain closed for the foreseeable future  (with even some suggesting those movies shifted to a Christmas schedules could still be working on optimism alone), there was never any real doubt that No Time to Die would be on the move as well. It will now debut almost a year to the day later than originally planned.

MGM, Universal and Bond producers, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, today announced the release of ‘No Time To Die,’ the 25th film in the James Bond series, will be delayed until 2 April in order to be seen by a worldwide theatrical audience. We understand the delay will be disappointing to our fans but we now look forward to sharing ‘No Time To Die’ next year…” the filmmakers said in a brief  statement.

This is despite the decision to resume the marketing that had been curtailed earlier in the year. Only this week the official video for the film’s ethereal theme – sung by Billie Eilish – was formally released, perhaps indicating that the film’s release was still in play until the last minute.

The 007 move also means that F9 (the latest part of the Fast and Furious franchise) will vacate the 2nd April 2021 slot in favour of 28th May, 2021, so as not to directly compete.