BSG fans and cast rally to help injured star Michael Hogan…

After brain surgery for a serious fall, fans have rallied to help the Battlestar Galactica actor recover...

Veteran actor and Battlestar Galactica alum Michael Hogan suffered a major brain injury during a fall at a Vancouver convention in February and though the full effects weren’t immediately known, they’ve proved severe. He was rushed to hospital the next day after he could not be woken and had emergency surgery for a brain bleed which involved removing part of his skull and repairing it with 57 staples. Even after surgery he was left with complete paralysis on his left side, memory loss, cognitivie impairment and an inability to swallow.

Though his family, including his wife wife (and fellow actor) Susan had kept the situation private, they revealed the extent of his injuries this week, their problems with his treatment and visitation restrictions given COVID…  and that the staggering cost of his care had become overwhelming. A gofundme page was launched in the hope of possibly raising $150,000 to help to continue his care properly.

As word got out to fans and BSG crew-members, the request for help started spreading and the $150,000 total was reached within a single day as donations flooded in. The target has now been raised to $300,000 and at time of writing, over $2000,000 has been promised.

If you’d like to help, the gofundme page can be found here: