‘Lucifer’: Could the infamous angel’s wingspan be extended?

The next season of 2x8 episodes on Netflix will be the last. Or will it?

By now, most fans of the Lucifer series know the story of how the show was launched on FOX for three seasons before it was cancelled. Due to a huge wave of support, Netflix swooped in at the eleventh hour (technically just after the eleventh hour) and confirmed they’d make two more seasons – with the caveat that the fifth run would be the last.¬† The fourth ten-episode season ran last year and the upcoming fifth season received an extra-episode order allowing it to be shown in two eight-episode blocks sometime in 2020. The series, which initially felt like a procedural with a fantastical twist, may hide its bushel under a burning bush… as it became more and more nuanced as it progressed… exploring the legend of Lucifer and challenging the existing interpretations of the mythological character (as wholly evil) and making him an agitant and chaos-bringer, but a conflicted being that mankind blamed for bad things.

But, the latest news, coming from website TVLine, suggests Lucifer might yet get another of its trademark last-minute reprieves. It’s now understood that Netflix have been looking at the rumoured-to-be-stellar viewing figures for the show and the continued interest and support the show is getting and is actively talking to Warner Bros. Television (who produce the show) to see if a sixth season is possible. There are no guarantees of such as yet, but it seems all parties are working towards a positive result. The production had said they’d carefully crafted a satisfying ending to the run so it’s not clear if that would change the elements they’ve included, but in television that’s usually easy to workaround, for better or worse.

Certainly, you won’t many fans of the show complaining if Lucifer rises again.