Is a new ‘Kung Fu’ a Hobbs/Shaw thing?

David Leitch (John Wick/Deadpool/Hobbs & Shaw) could be directing a martial-arts reboot...

The legend of the legend of Kung Fu is, well… legendary. Since the classic ABC tv series of the 1970s, starring the late David Carradine in the main role of the nomadic reluctant warrior from the East working his way across the West, there have been various incarnations of the show and even attempts to bring it to the big screen.

Though recent attempts to kickstart a new, modern version of the show (perhaps with a female lead at the CW, from the team behind Blindspot) were announced late last year, little new information on that has emerged since, but there does now appear to be movement on the cinematic front. Industry site Deadline reports that Universal Pictures has now optioned the rights  and is setting a modern version of the concept for the big screen. David Lietch, director of Hobbs & Shaw, Deadpool 2 and co-director of John Wick will likely helm the project. This is in addition to Leitch’s other proposed project of a Enter the Dragon remake (the original famously starring Bruce Lee in arguably his most iconic role).

What this means for the tone of the feature film is debatable, particularly on the ‘reluctant warrior’ angle… the John Wick franchise has certainly caught the imagination of many, while Hobbs & Shaw was clearly a logic-free action-fest…