SONY expands Marvel anti-hero franchise with ‘Morbius’ (trailer)

A trailer to get your teeth into as we finally get to see more of 'Morbius'...

Though Marvel and SONY have seemingly resolved some of their recent difficulties (at least allowing Tom Holland’s Spider-man to continue co-existing between their offerings), SONY are continuing on with plans to expand their own section of the Spider-verse.

Work is already underway on a sequel to Venom (starring Tom Hardy) and now we have our first real glance at another movie from the webslinger’s rogues gallery. Jared Leto plays Michael Morbius a brilliant doctor and scientist afflicted with a devastating and debilitating blood disease. His desperate search for a cure leads him to take extreme risks and when he is infused with the blood of a rare strain of vampire bat he starts to assume some of their behaviours. The question becomes: what happens when a miraculous cure is worse than the affliction?

Alongside Leto (who previously essayed the Joker in Suicide Squad), the trailer offers us a glimpse at supporting players such as Adria Adjona (as Martine Bancroft), Tyrese Gibson (as Simon Stroud), Matt Smith (as  Loxias Crown), Jared Harris as Michael’s mentor and a surprise appearance by Michael Keaton (as, one presumes, Adrian Toomes aka  The Vulture)… indicating some wibbly-wobbly connective tissue and perhaps there’s room for an eventual ‘Sinister Six‘ type super-villain team-up?

SONY release Morbius on 31st July 2020.