Final ‘Skywalker’ trailer gets ‘Rise…’ out of fans…

It's the 'final' Skywalker-related Star Wars movie due in December.... but will this be a Christmas present from a long time ago..?

With its release barely two months away, Lucasfilm and J J Abrams are telling fans that the ‘end’ of the main Star Wars movies is in sight, or at least the saga of the Skywalker family.  The Rise of Skywalker‘s final trailer arrived late Monday night in the US and has quickly been devoured and heavily scrutinised by the millions who caught it. (It’s below if you haven’t seen it already…).

There’s more connective tissue in this longer trailer, an outing that seems to reference  and call-back to moments throughout the films to date. There’s requisite space-battles, light-saber confrontations and what seems to be the voice and figure of the evil Emperor Palpatine, long since thought dead.  Poignantly we also hear the voices of some of our ‘lost’ heroes including  General Leia (the late Carrie Fisher, also glimpsed in material created for this chapter after her passing).

Star Wars fans are notoriously picky about the films (and perhaps with good reason after some questionable  and divisive story-choices and changing of crew behind the scenes since the return of the franchise until the Disney banner) but one suspects (with news of massive ticket-sales that eclipse those of Avengers: Endgame at a similar point) that when the film hits cinemas on 20th December it will be playing to packed houses…